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Disney Cocktails by Cocktails by Cody.

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Why do drinks and a show when your drinks can be the show?

From a Champagne flute that shoots off sparkles to the entire treasure chest of rum, these flashy cocktails are sure to be the talk of the night before you even take a sip. Don’t worry — they taste as awesome as they look.

The Cocktail (above): White Cosmopolitan

The Ingredients: Vodka, white cranberry juice, St. Germain elderflower liqueur

The Theatrics: Bartenders freeze a bright orchid into a perfect sphere of ice, which comes floating in your glass like a magenta globe.

The Restaurant: Daniel, New York City

The Price: $21

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De Puente. Continuación.




Fresco #caipirinha sin alcohol. Parece ser que la #barwoman se olvidó de añadir #cachaça #cosasquepasan #cocktail #momentos #sábado #noche

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